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Jan Fennel:


Dog listener.jpg


The Dog Listener HarperCollins Entertainment, 2002

practical dog listener.jpg


The Practical Dog Listener:
The 30-day Path to a Lifelong Understanding of Your Dog HarperCollins Entertainment, 2006

tales from the dog listener.jpg


Tales from the Dog Listener:
28 Secrets to Being Your Dog's Best Friend

Ulysses Press, 2006

 dog's best friend.jpg


A Dog's Best Friend:
The Secrets That Make Good Dog Owners Great HarperCollins Entertainment, 2006

 seven ages of your dog.jpg


The Seven Ages of Your Dog:
A Complete Guide to Understanding and Caring for Your Dog, from Puppyhood to Old Age
HarperCollins, 2005

 seven ages of man's best friend_.jpg


The Seven Ages of Man's Best Friend:

A Comprehensive Guide for Caring 
for Your Dog Through All the Stages of Life HarperCollins Publishers, 2006

 friends for life.jpg


Friends for Life:
The Heart-warming Life Story of One Underdog Who Came Out on Top
HarperCollins Entertainment, 2004


Victoria Stilwell:



it's me or the dog.jpg


It's Me or the Dog:
How to Have the Perfect Pet

Hyperion, 2007

 fat dog slim.jpg



Fat Dog Slim:
How to Have a Healthy, Happy Pet

Collins, 2007